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July 24th, 2010

Of grass that is greener

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The Daily Telegraph mist have sent its correspondents on holiday or something,  judging by the amount of police bloggers writing their content this week.

First we had Gadget & today PC David Copperfield, he of the original police blog & immigrant to the Canadian Police.

He writes today in the Telegraph about how policing in his new force compares to policing in the UK, and it doesn’t stack up very well for the UK system. He espouses the fact that comparatively, the Canadian Police do better with less than the UK police, but then anyone with any knowledge of policing in this country will be well versed in what treacle-heavy systems we have over here, where money is wasted hand-over-fist on counting what is done rather than actually just doing it.

Head on over & take a look, it’s nothing that we’ve not been saying for years.