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July 15th, 2010

Not in my remit

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So it’s not just the police who have people who decline to do something because it’s ‘someone else’s responsibility‘.

The photograph below is that of a dead badger on the A338 in Hampshire. It had been run over about a week before the photo was taken. Apparently it is the district council’s job to remove road-kill. It’s the county council’s job to maintain the road.

So when staff contracted to paint double white lines down the middle of the road came across the dead badger, rather than getting a shovel & moving it to the side of the road for nature to take the rest of it’s cause, the simply skipped over it & continued painting the other side of it.

This has meant that the district council had to go & clear the poor badger away & the workmen had to return at a later date to complete the lines.

A county council spokesperson has said that the public shouldn’t worry because it’s not costing them any more money as the council paid a set fee for the work to be done, which kind of completely misses the point really.