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July 14th, 2010

Memory overflow

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A while ago we used to have all our leave sorted out by people on the shift, the sergeants got together & arranged it so that more or less everyone got leave when they wanted it. It was a situation which worked well for many years.

Then someone decided that a department ought to sort all this stuff out, so they created one & staffed it up. this means that there were less staff doing the job that the people in charge of sorting out duties used to do.

The upshot was that suddenly, getting leave & time off was severely restricted. Instead of applying for leave when you wanted it, you had to know a year in  advance what you wanted & then apply for it & the minute an exact year to your holiday drew & you’d still have only a 50-50 chance of getting it. This seemed very strange since before this new department, you had a 95% chance of getting what you wanted and nothing had changed except people were getting paid lots of cash to sort it all out, like it needed sorting out.

So we’ve had a couple of years of not getting leave, not getting it when you wanted it, and having to change your hours so some people who otherwise wouldn’t get anything, get something. You might think that changing from a system that works to a system that doesn’t work, might lead back to the system that worked.

No, the answer is to let a computer sort it out. We’ve been told about this brand spanking new software which can miraculously sort out duties & leave is coming, soon. It’s been coming for 3 years to my knowledge. For all I know it’s in now & is just as hopeless as the real people who can’t sort it out now. How will we know? I guarantee people won’t suddenly start getting all their leave applications fulfilled.

So we’ll have a department of arse-sitters & spread-sheet viewers that someone is paying for, plus we’ll hve stuck many thousands into the coffers of some software company for even more electronic shite that doesn’t deliver what it promises.

And I still won’t be able to go away for the weekend with the wife next April.