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July 12th, 2010

Open wide

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I’ve done some strange things in my time & had many a weird call. I’ve never had occasion to kill a wild animal, rip open its stomach & retrieve part of a man √ā¬†so that the local hospital could sew it back to the loser.

This is what met cops in Florida recently after 18-year-old Timothy Delano was attacked by a 10-foot alligator which found itself swimming in a canal alongside the unlucky man. The√ā¬†alligator√ā¬†bit off Mr√ā¬†Delano’s√ā¬†hand & swallowed it.

Police√ā¬†were despatched & whilst the injured man was taken to√ā¬†hospital, officers killed the alligator & ‘harvested’ the hand from its stomach before transporting it to the hospital in the hope that surgeons could reattach it.

That’s the thing about this job, you just don’t know what your next job will be. (well, actually you do, it will be a domestic or a threats over Facebook).