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July 4th, 2010

News update – hands still tied

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PC David Rathband was sitting in his patrol car in Northumbria when he was shot by Raoul Thomas Moat, an ex-bouncer & recently released prisoner. Moat is wanted for shooting his girlfriend after finding out in prison she was seeing another man. He killed her new boyfriend believing him to be a police officer.

PC Rathband is described as critical but stable. If he had the chance to defend himself against a man with a gun it would have been with a 2 foot baton & a can of pepper.

If Moat had come across any other officers, the chances of any of them being able to defend themselves adequately would have been almost zero unless he had the misfortune to bump into one of a small handful of armed officers.

The current weapon of choice for the Northumbria Police is to not send officers towards Moat if he is sighted, until an armed response unit eventually gets there & to ask him to give himself up on national TV.

Lets hope the officer recovers & Moat gets safely taken out of play by Northumbria.