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July 3rd, 2010

Can I take off my tie please, sir?

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Oh dear, West Midlands Police are in trouble with the BBC & the Tax Payers’ Alliance.

Today the BBC accuses them of ‘wasting√ā¬†money’ to change the colour of their shirts. I bet there are some finance directors wishing they’d listened to their officers many of whom will have been asking to do away with the traditional shirt & tie setup to go over to the far more practical black shirts which many not make you look like a smart businessman but are more comfortable, especially in the summer, and much more practical.

West Mids are attempting to catch up with many forces much smaller & less powerful, who changed their uniforms years ago when they realised that there were better ways to work. The trouble with West Mids is that they have chosen to make the change right when the country has been told that there will be mass sackings of police officers because some wankers, or is that bankers, spent all the country’s money.

The Tax Payers’ Alliance spokesperson, who seems to get into all the news stories these days though√ā¬†nobody√ā¬†is sure what exactly the Tax Payers’√ā¬†Alliance√ā¬†does, apart from quote to the BBC & Daily Mirror, said that changing the colour of shirts will not solve any more crime.

So give your black shirts back, West Mids officers, you don’t deserve them. If you want to be comfortable at work, join a smaller force. (My mates in the Met have been crying out for a similar change in their force which has been knocked back time & time again because Met Commissioners want their officers to look smart & pass out with heat exhaustion.)

They’ve got no chance now.