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July 31st, 2010

Going Dutch

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It’s not just the States that have crazy police chases.

July 30th, 2010

Heard the one about…

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You probably have no idea – because the UK police as shite at self-promotion – but the annual Police Bravery Awards were held this month.

63 officers from all over the country attended the ceremony in London &  met Prime Minister, David Cameron.

The top honours of bravest officers in England Wales went to 5 Met officers. PCs James Berry, Dion Bird, Stuart Higgs, Jonathan Lowe & Adrian Pine won the award for chasing down & arresting 2 armed robbers in a London street while being shot at several times. The officers were unarmed.

PC Bill Barker was given a posthumous award after he died when he was directing members of the public away from a bridge which collapsed in the Cumbria floods last year.

PC Elizabeth Window of South Wales Police was awarded for saving the life of a woman who was threatening to jump off a bridge.

PCs Jenny Liddell & Gary Walker of Bedfordshire Police dragged the passengers from a blazing car.

Northamptonshire Police’s PC Paula Rutherford tackled an armed man.

PC Sarah Lacy of North Yorkshire Police, was off duty when she rescued residents from a smoke filled building.

PC Tom Kinderman from Wiltshire Police, stripped off & dived into a river to save an unconscious woman from drowning in her crashed car.

Over the last year I guarantee you will heard of orders of magnitude greater than these stories about police cock-ups, complaints & negligence.

How many stories similar to these have you heard?

July 29th, 2010

One for me, one for you

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This week’s ‘Scum of the Week’ Award goes to two airport cleaners, Anthony Currant, 65, and Abdul Hussain, 30 whose day job included nicking the contents of travellers’ luggage during shifts at Luton Airport.

Bedfordshire Police investigated after a large number of thefts from luggage were reported. They installed hidden cameras which captured the low-life’s patting down bags they diverted from the main carousels into a room where no other staff were about.  Once bags were identified as having likely goodies inside, the thieves opened them, stole the contents & replaced them back on the carousels where the bags were fed through to the owners.

The pair targeted cigarettes & tobacco, cash & electrical items such as iPods & cameras.

During the investigation police discovered over Ă‚ÂŁ30,000 in cash at the thieves’ homes, together with thousands of cigarettes (which they were selling to co-workers), electrical goods & jewellery.

The cleaners have been jailed for six & three months & sacked from their jobs.

July 28th, 2010

General Staal is busy

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Theresa May has been a  busy girl, what with dismantling all the crap we’ve had to put up with under the labour administration.

Hardly a day goes by without another announcement on what she is doing away with. One could be forgiven for thinking she was hell bent on world domination & the destruction of everything that has gone on before.

Wait a minute, does anyone else notice the similarity?


July 27th, 2010

It’s not all bad

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With all the hand-wringing worrying about whether the P45 is imminent, it’s nice to see that at least one group will be celebrating the government cutbacks.

Motorists, or a large proportion of motorists, will no doubt be celebrating the news that the new financial measures will mean speed cameras may go.

The new government is flashing 40% off the funding bill which may cause authorities to withdraw cameras from service.

Oxfordshire council is considering the removal of some or all of its 79 cameras. Devon, Cornwall, Northamptonshire & Somerset are also considering the removal of equipment.

The budget cuts amount to a saving of Ă‚ÂŁ38million a year.

Of course, views will be split on the issue. Supporters say this can only lead to an increase of deaths on the roads, while others see it as an effort to show less importance on relying on the motorist as an easy target for tax-dollars; it is estimated that speed cameras bring on Ă‚ÂŁ100million a year into the exchequer.

Having written this earlier today I saw on the 6 O’clock news that the AA are saying their last survey of 15,000 members found that nearly 70% of them were happy with speed cameras. So perhaps people really will be annoyed if the cameras disappear. I don;t think I’m one of them though.

July 26th, 2010

Driving in Omaha

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One from 2006 in Omaha, USA. It’s 9 minutes long.

July 26th, 2010

Deadly Pursuit

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July 25th, 2010

Quid pro quo, my arse

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Someone complained about me this week. I’ve not had that in a while. It was a PC who didn’t agree with a decision I made as a controller, they made great play of this over the airways but I refused to take part, believing there is a time & place to deal with such matters. And a public argument on the radio is not it.

I am a firm believer that if you have a problem with something someone has done, you speak to that person about it, if you’re that concerned. Invariably, disagreements are pretty trivial & 8 times out of ten I’ll just let it ride.

So it was quite uncomfortable as I thought about the complaint this person was making. It was someone from another shift – we overlap sometimes & you have to work with another shift for a couple of hours now & again. I wondered whether they’d complain about one of their own controllers, or was it a case of it’s easier to complain about someone you don’t know, or is it that it is easier to sort out with someone you do know?

Then I got to thinking, well fuck you, if you’re gonna complain about that, then I’m gonna make a note of all the times you fuck up or fail to do something ‘by the book’.  In the next 90 minutes 5 of the 8 crews had breached policy on at least 1 occasion each, nothing major, but rules that have been put in place to make either my job, their job, or the public’s expectations easier to fulfill, if not less dangerous for themselves or their colleagues.

I didn’t make a note of them. I like to think I have a life. Just don’t expect me to cut the same slack I cut to everyone else. Knobber.

July 24th, 2010

Of grass that is greener

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The Daily Telegraph mist have sent its correspondents on holiday or something,  judging by the amount of police bloggers writing their content this week.

First we had Gadget & today PC David Copperfield, he of the original police blog & immigrant to the Canadian Police.

He writes today in the Telegraph about how policing in his new force compares to policing in the UK, and it doesn’t stack up very well for the UK system. He espouses the fact that comparatively, the Canadian Police do better with less than the UK police, but then anyone with any knowledge of policing in this country will be well versed in what treacle-heavy systems we have over here, where money is wasted hand-over-fist on counting what is done rather than actually just doing it.

Head on over & take a look, it’s nothing that we’ve not been saying for years.

July 23rd, 2010

Lucky or Skilled

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you decide….

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July 22nd, 2010

Can you do it by Thursday?

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Oh how I wish I had retired permanently.

How come work gets in the way of real life so much? It seems I never have any time to do the things I want or need to be doing. The amount of stuff I can’t do these days just seems to increase with every month.

We’ve been going through some major reworkings of  Weeks Towers this year & while we are in a position to pay little men to do the work, whereas years ago I’d have done it all myself, there is still so much I need to do to prepare for the arrival of the little men.

We’re having a major refit upstairs which will mean that the loft needs to be cleared above one of the rooms so the electrician can get in & work his magic. The thing is there is more stuff in my loft than there is in my house. It’s not just a case of moving a few boxes around.

Mrs Weeks does not understand this when she arranges for these things to take place, she doesn’t take into consideration what shifts I might be on & when I’ll be available to sort the loft out. I can’t get time off because you can hardly get time off for anything except if you die & then they’d expect you to ring in the following day to let them know whether you were still dead.

Apparently I’ve got 2 weeks to sort the loft out which means probably a maximum of 6 full days, 2 of which I’ll be sleeping because of a night shift, & 3 of which I’ve already made plans for months ago.

Then later in August she’s arranged for a man to come & build a new shed. Which is fine except he won’t be emptying the old shed, so I’ll have to do that too & I so wanted to go on holiday in August but now have to knock a few days off one end of it so I can sort the bloody shed out.

I think she’s got a list somewhere which will cover me until I’m about 73. I daren’t look at it.

July 21st, 2010

Stardom Calls…

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…again for Inspector Gadget who  has an article published in the Daily Telegraph today.

No need for discussion on, just go & read it.

July 20th, 2010


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In my usual trawl through the news stories gleaning fodder for the blog I came across the story of a stop-check in Somerset. Unfortunately, it comes from that august supporter of the police, the Daily Fail, which headlines the story, “Police officer blasts innocent man in groin with 50,000 volt Taser ‘by accident’.

It seems a vehicle was followed by officers who thought the driver may have been uninsured. During the incident on officer got his Taser out & pointed it towards the driver, one Peter Cox, 49. The Mail & Cox appear to be completely bemused as to why officers would have felt it necessary to arm themselves with a Taser, though the official police response, in their usual understated way which offers little in the way of support for their officers, said: “On Tuesday morning officers stopped a man in Bridgwater suspected to be driving a vehicle without insurance. The man appeared to become aggressive and the officer removed his Taser in accordance with protocol. On lowering the Taser it was accidentally discharged. Police are now looking into this.”

One can wonder what sort of ‘aggression’ would prompt the officer to point their Taser at the man. The conclusion will depend on whether you think most officers can or can’t be trusted with such a weapon.

Anyway, so the bloke was shot just off middle wicket. In the quote-of-the-month, Cox said: “I was really shocked and I didn’t know what was going on. I got one in my groin and one in my ankle.”

I bet he was.

July 19th, 2010

Two pieces of silver, I mean bronze

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Welcome to the ‘Scum-of-the-Week Show’.

Latest entry into the 200weeks Scum of the Week Hall of Fame goes to the pondlife who desecrated a war memorial in Manchester because it had 2 pieces of bronze which they could steal for nothing & sell for £150 rather than get a fucking proper  job.

The memorial, dedicated to local people killed in World War One, was paid for by a door-to-door collection & listed the names of 215 people with more honour in their dead toenails than the scum who nicked the plaques will ever have.

No doubt that august body – scarp metal dealers – will immediately alert the police when the thieving scum come in to claim their ill-gotten financial reward.

July 18th, 2010

Relying on Technology

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Sometimes Taser doesn’t work.

The following footage from the States, shows an male wanted for a violent assault attacking an officer who deploys Taser. For some reason it has not effect.

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July 17th, 2010

Limo to the High Street

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A couple of videos this weekend because I’m going to be too busy having fun & frolics.

NY Cops chase a limousine…

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July 16th, 2010

That’s a wrap

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The Sun has a story today – I saw it on their website, honest I haven’t purchased the paper. you know it’s gonna be a good story because it contains the phrase ‘bungling cops’.

Apparently, a member of the public found some bullet casings in the streets of a derelict estate in Elephant & Castle, South London. The scene was sealed off by police whilst the matter was investigated. the following day foresnsic examinations declared that the bullet casings were from blanks.

It then dawned on officers that they had all come from the some filming which had taken place a few days ago. The veteran is a film about an ex-squaddie who turns to crime. Filming of a scene took place on the estate, with police presence, during which 1,700 shots were fired from blank-firing firearms. It seems that several of the bullet cases were missed when film crew staff cleaned up after filming was completed.

I did a few films in my time. It was fascinating stuff. You basically just had to make sure nobody gate-crashed the sets, or stopped the traffic while they shot scenes. It was amazing to see how much work went into a scene which was often just seconds long.

The last one I did was for a TV detective show on the BBC. When they broke for lunch I was invited to partake of the rather sumptious facilities. A big converted HGV housed the kitchens from which were served a fabulous array of quality food. the restauraunt was a double-decker bus.

I went upstairs & found myself sitting at a table with three actors. We were halfway through when one of the main players nodded at me and said; “I say, are you the real thing or an extra?”

Oh how we laughed.

July 15th, 2010

Not in my remit

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So it’s not just the police who have people who decline to do something because it’s ‘someone else’s responsibility‘.

The photograph below is that of a dead badger on the A338 in Hampshire. It had been run over about a week before the photo was taken. Apparently it is the district council’s job to remove road-kill. It’s the county council’s job to maintain the road.

So when staff contracted to paint double white lines down the middle of the road came across the dead badger, rather than getting a shovel & moving it to the side of the road for nature to take the rest of it’s cause, the simply skipped over it & continued painting the other side of it.

This has meant that the district council had to go & clear the poor badger away & the workmen had to return at a later date to complete the lines.

A county council spokesperson has said that the public shouldn’t worry because it’s not costing them any more money as the council paid a set fee for the work to be done, which kind of completely misses the point really.


July 14th, 2010

Memory overflow

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A while ago we used to have all our leave sorted out by people on the shift, the sergeants got together & arranged it so that more or less everyone got leave when they wanted it. It was a situation which worked well for many years.

Then someone decided that a department ought to sort all this stuff out, so they created one & staffed it up. this means that there were less staff doing the job that the people in charge of sorting out duties used to do.

The upshot was that suddenly, getting leave & time off was severely restricted. Instead of applying for leave when you wanted it, you had to know a year in  advance what you wanted & then apply for it & the minute an exact year to your holiday drew & you’d still have only a 50-50 chance of getting it. This seemed very strange since before this new department, you had a 95% chance of getting what you wanted and nothing had changed except people were getting paid lots of cash to sort it all out, like it needed sorting out.

So we’ve had a couple of years of not getting leave, not getting it when you wanted it, and having to change your hours so some people who otherwise wouldn’t get anything, get something. You might think that changing from a system that works to a system that doesn’t work, might lead back to the system that worked.

No, the answer is to let a computer sort it out. We’ve been told about this brand spanking new software which can miraculously sort out duties & leave is coming, soon. It’s been coming for 3 years to my knowledge. For all I know it’s in now & is just as hopeless as the real people who can’t sort it out now. How will we know? I guarantee people won’t suddenly start getting all their leave applications fulfilled.

So we’ll have a department of arse-sitters & spread-sheet viewers that someone is paying for, plus we’ll hve stuck many thousands into the coffers of some software company for even more electronic shite that doesn’t deliver what it promises.

And I still won’t be able to go away for the weekend with the wife next April.

July 13th, 2010

Would the last one to leave turn off the lights

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It makes you proud to be British, when you read the absolute gob-shite on Raoul Moat’s ‘tribute’ page at Facebook. Is it any wonder that the country has to put up with so much shit when there are people about who hero-worship a woman & child beating, thug who thought disrespect was worthy of a shotgun round in the stomach and another in the back, and was so brave as to walk up to an unarmed man & shoot him in the face.

Over 25,000 supporters, Jesus H Christ.

Meanwhile the support page for PC David Rathband, a man who was simply an innocent & uninvolved bystander has 3,400 supporters.

That tells you all you need to know about the state of this country.