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June 10th, 2010

Down, down, deeper & down

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Sometimes I cover a particular job in the control room that only a few of us can do.

Well, strictly, that’s not true, I think lots of people can do it but most people don’t want to do it. There is some additional training you have to do to work some additional equipment but essentially you just do what you do when you sit anywhere else in the control room, speak on the radio & sort out command & control logs. People seem to have a mental barrier, maybe believing that it is either more difficult or potentially more stressful. (hmm, there’s a lot of ‘do’s’ in that paragraph, I must speak to my editor).

We used to be double-crewed doing this job but now are very often single-crewed. (for ‘very often’ read ‘amost exclusively’). This poses problems when you need a comfort break; there are only a few of us on the shift happy to sit in that chair & if the few who are happy to relieve you while you relieve yourself are single-crewed or busy, or at grub, then you can have a very long wait.

I find myself sitting for up to 2 hours desperate for a piss because there’s nobody to relieve me. I can’t go & get a drink & have to rely on other people walking past & asking me if I need anything from the kicthen or the vending machine. I worked front line for 90% of my service, there were very few occasions when you couldn’t find some way or some time for a piss. Yet now I’m working in an environment where there are several toilets within 3o seconds walk & I still can’t access them when I want.

The supervisors don’t give a fuck. I’m getting to the stage of thinking well why should I?

June 9th, 2010

When the mind is a blank canvas

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For the last week, I’ve been struggling to come up with blog entries. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m running out of things to say, running out of steam, or that my current working experience is sinking so low that it’s just draining me of any job-related inspiration. Or maybe writing an entry every single day for 3 years (so far) is a finite venture.

I’m so out of ideas right now that I’ll just leave you with one thought, which captures so many angles.

“You may not like paedophiles, but at least they drive slowly past the schools.”

June 8th, 2010

Deep joy

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Just when you think things can’t get any worse at work, they do. They always do. Actually, the truth is you don’t think things can’t get any worse because experience over the last years has taught you not to be so bloody stupid.

Overtime is being cut. And they can’t work on current staffing levels without having people do overtime. This means that people’s shifts will be changed. Traditionally, there have always been a group of people willing to do all the overtime they can get. I’m not one of them & quite frankly, my life is so full outside the job that I’d happily not work at all & still have plenty to do, just not enough cash to do it, so lack of overtime concerns me not. Except that I’ll probably be shafted for a shift change.

The overtime slots which are available see a bitter battle between those who want or need the extra cash. People have been known to come in on their day off because they know the overtime gaps for the next few weeks are being released. If you’re on the wrong shift when overtime sheet gets published, you lose out, they’re all gone by the time you get in to work.

The only way to fill the gaps, if you’re not going to cover it with overtimers, is to change people’s shifts. Invariably this means changing from an early turn to a late turn. I don’t know of many people happy to spend even more days away from their family & social life when they could be home by 4.30 & have the evening free. So it looks like enforced changes are coming.

Deep joy.

June 7th, 2010

Here we go again

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Knowing my hatred of English football, someone bought me an English flag this week. Oh how we laughed.

I remember last world cup how the best sport was counting the amount of England flags discarded along motorway & dual carriageway boundaries. I think my record on one journey home from work was around 70. Which just goes to show that football fans love cheap shite. (except football players who are not cheap, but are shite.)

June 6th, 2010

Motorcycle Pursuits

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Just desserts…

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June 5th, 2010


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I came across an advert for a police magazine this week.

The Billboard, (see what they did there?), has been going since 2006 & describes itself thus, “The Billboard Magazine is the definitive Police magazine for the UK Police Force from the UK’s premier emergency services publisher.

The groundbreaking Police magazine is unequivocally the most easy to read, lively and informative magazine for this sector on the market. Our unrivalled coverage of all the latest news, views, campaigns and initiatives you need to be aware of make The Billboard a must for those wanting that bit more from their Police magazine.”

Working in the portals of the high & mighty, I often see discarded copies of various police periodicals lying about, usually the force magazine stuffed into bins, but I’ve never seen nor heard of the Billboard.

Anyone know whether it’s any good?

June 4th, 2010

Good Job

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Something a bit different to get away from the recent dark issues.

Don’t know of anyone fancies a bit of armchair quarterbacking on this one?

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June 3rd, 2010

We are no different

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One of the regular arguments about not arming the police is that most people know some police officers they wouldn’t trust with a pea-shooter, much less a gun. It therefore follows that it would be impossible to train every police officer to the required standard.

It appears to me that they don’t have the same problem in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

I’m not sure that every country with an armed police force, i.e. most of the world, suffers from the same problems that those who argue about not arming the police proffer as an exuse not to arm the UK police.

June 2nd, 2010

Nothing will change

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After Hungerford they called for a ban on automatic weapons.

After Dunblane they called for a ban on handguns

After Cumbria, they may well call for a further ban on something. I guarantee they will not be calling for the routine arming of police officers.

The British police are not equipped to deal with armed men intent on killing. Fact.

June 1st, 2010


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I don’t know if it has anything to do with the onset later this year of my half-century ‘not-out’ or whether I have been unwittingly traumatised at work with subsequent knock-on effects, but this afteroon, at work, I completely forgot the name of the control room inspector.

Now this is not some random, faceless police officer that I see down one of the many corridors on the vaults of the police station, it’s someone who I work with every day & have done for the last 2 years or more. He’s on the same shift, for goodness sake.

It wasn’t a momentary thing either. I couldn’t recall his name for several hours. It wasn’t the sort of thing I was comfortable admitting to the people I was working with. I mean, there are lots of people you work with only infrequently & I’m always asking colleagues who they are, but not someone off my own team.

I could have simply looked up his details on the computer which would have put me out of my misery, but the stubbornness in me wanted  to remember in my own time, with my own effort. I was sure it would come back, like the word on the tip of your tongue you can’t remember until the moment has passed.

It took about 4 hours.

I’m making a log of memory events now in the hope I’ll be able to sue someone, sometime,  for something.