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June 25th, 2010

Oh Bollards!

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When you spend your working life in the public eye you you know it will be a case of when you find your self in an embarassing√ā¬†situation, not if.

Two Liverpool officers took their turn this week in the city centre when a set of electronic recessed bollards suddenly shot up as they drove over them, impaling their police vehicle on them. I do√ā¬†believe√ā¬†I posted a video of √ā¬†exactly the same situation a while back.

The bollards stop access to an area during office hours but the police have a special magnetic key fob which makes them sink back into the ground so their vehicles can pass. Only these particular ones came back up again before the police car had completed it’s manouver.

It doesn’t matter that it might have been faulty equipment, I can imagine the officers wanting a rather larger hole in the road to open up for them. The banter from passing pedestrians must have been a joy to behold.