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June 24th, 2010

Money for Nothing

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Unlike yesterday’s entry, which has the record for the shortest ever blog of over 1,200 at 200 Weeks, this one has nothing to do with the World Cup.

With the current financial position of the country, more & more people find that they have to pay for others’ mistakes.

The police service hasn’t escaped. People sitting in offices with spreadsheets who know the square root of fuck all about front line policing & the needs of the community will be falling over each other in the scramble to come up with new ways to save money, which will probably enhance their own personal financial bonus & guarantee them another rung on the ladder to stay out the way of the sharp end.

The latest innovation appears to hail from the met who propose a scheme where new recruits to the force won’t be paid. They have realised that if they don’t pay anyone they can save £20,000 a year on a starting PC’s salary plus all the training costs. Hmm, doing police work for bugger all renumeration, where have I heard that before, oh yes, the Special Constabulary.

So the twist is that everyone wanting to join the force will be made to start as a Special, do ‘on the job’ training for a year or more & then they’ll be allowed to join as a regular.


I don’t have anything against the Special Constabulary, there are some really able officers who put in tons of work, some seem to be there more than their regular colleagues & some are certainly more helpful. I’d never do it so fair play to them.

But these guys can afford to come in on their own time at their own expense & pick up where the government left off. Most of them have ‘proper’ jobs, so they don’t need a police wage. Someone wanting to join the police will need some form of income while they are giving up their time, presumably they want to join the police to earn an income?

The Met have a waiting list of 1,800 who have been waiting for a place since January 2009. They had already been told they wouldn’t get a sniff until at least 2011. Now the met have realised they can get them for free so have written to them all saying their applications have now been closed, buy hey, why not join us as a Special & get bugger all until you’ve given your whack to the job & then not have a guarantee of a starting salary.

Policing costs. Society needs to decide whether they want to pay or just cut corners all the time.