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June 22nd, 2010

Double scum

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The latest entry into the 200 weeks ‘Scum of the Week’ awards goes to two, as yet unknown, males calling themselves Mr Matthews & Mr Sparrow. who have so far managed to con £176,000 from a frail 94-year-old lady after claiming her roof needed repairing.

You’ll remember this style of ‘businessman’, often from the travelling community, who target elderly folk by knocking on their door & telling the vulnerable victims that some kind of repair work on their properties need doing & they can do it for them for a very reasonable fee of as much as they can get out of the victim. No work actually needs doing, none is often done or if any is done it is usually of exceedingly bad quality & takes a few minutes, for which the victim is charged multiple hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Despite no evidence that any work had actually been carried out on the 94-year-old’s property, she paid ‘Mr Matthews’ £48,000. He returned later on & got her to pay a further £23,000. Presumably Mr Matthews likes to spread the love amongst his community because the vbictim was then visited by a ‘Mr Sparrow’ who managed to get £10,000 to cover ‘insurance’ for the non-work & then a further £48,000 when ‘regulations changed’. A further £47,000 was handed over earlier this year by the victim.

The particularly fine examples of scum-sucking pondlife have so far not been caught.