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June 21st, 2010

Can you just….

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Bloody ‘ell.

I’ve got one of the micro-managing sergeants on my shift this week.

That is she is on the shift which I am controlling for. This means that every single bloody job she’ll be calling up making sure her officers do this, this & this. And making sure I do that, that & that, despite the fact that I’ll already have done, that, that, that & the that that she hasn’t yet suggested, and her officers will be doing this, this & this whether she is working & blabbing about it every 30 seconds or at home in her bed fast asleep.

I can’t think how badly her officers’ morale & self-esteem must be thinking that their sergeant trusts their skills & judgement so little that she has to tell them which end of the egg to suck first. I tend to shrug it off & just politely reply that whatever it is she’s suggesting has already been done.  It must be a bloody nightmare working her shift. Some of the officers have 5 or more years in the job, you’d think they were out on their first patrol sometimes.

And she’s one of the ‘why you no risten‘ brigade.