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June 11th, 2010

And on and on

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David has issues. Issues that the police are not equipped to deal with. Issues that the ambulance crew aren’t equipped to deal with. Issues that the mental health teams should be dealing with but probably aren’t equipped to deal with.

So the ambulance & police have to deal with him. Every day.

He was once hostile towards an ambulance crew. They now have a marker on his address which says their crew is not to attend without police presence. Sometimes these markers are more than valid, other times they appear to be completely irrelevant, often the ambulance crews themselves say they don’t know why they are told not to go in without police because they’ve dealt with the person loads of times without a problem.

David can call 4 or 5 times a day. He always rings 999 & reports to ambulance that he is short of breath. Ambulance always call police. Police don’t always attend because we don’t class it as a priority one call & we don’t have officers sitting round waiting for calls. Often the ambulance call back saying we’re not required before we’ve got someone free to attend, quite often actually. I don’t think David gets taken to hospital much, I presume he just gets assured that there’s nothing wrong with him & left until he rings again, which might be an hour or a day later.

And so it goes.