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June 10th, 2010

Down, down, deeper & down

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Sometimes I cover a particular job in the control room that only a few of us can do.

Well, strictly, that’s not true, I think lots of people can do it but most people don’t want to do it. There is some additional training you have to do to work some additional equipment but essentially you just do what you do when you sit anywhere else in the control room, speak on the radio & sort out command & control logs. People seem to have a mental barrier, maybe believing that it is either more difficult or potentially more stressful. (hmm, there’s a lot of ‘do’s’ in that paragraph, I must speak to my editor).

We used to be double-crewed doing this job but now are very often single-crewed. (for ‘very often’ read ‘amost exclusively’). This poses problems when you need a comfort break; there are only a few of us on the shift happy to sit in that chair & if the few who are happy to relieve you while you relieve yourself are single-crewed or busy, or at grub, then you can have a very long wait.

I find myself sitting for up to 2 hours desperate for a piss because there’s nobody to relieve me. I can’t go & get a drink & have to rely on other people walking past & asking me if I need anything from the kicthen or the vending machine. I worked front line for 90% of my service, there were very few occasions when you couldn’t find some way or some time for a piss. Yet now I’m working in an environment where there are several toilets within 3o seconds walk & I still can’t access them when I want.

The supervisors don’t give a fuck. I’m getting to the stage of thinking well why should I?