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June 8th, 2010

Deep joy

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Just when you think things can’t get any worse at work, they do. They always do. Actually, the truth is you don’t think things can’t get any worse because experience over the last years has taught you not to be so bloody stupid.

Overtime is being cut. And they can’t work on current staffing levels without having people do overtime. This means that people’s shifts will be changed. Traditionally, there have always been a group of people willing to do all the overtime they can get. I’m not one of them & quite frankly, my life is so full outside the job that I’d happily not work at all & still have plenty to do, just not enough cash to do it, so lack of overtime concerns me not. Except that I’ll probably be shafted for a shift change.

The overtime slots which are available see a bitter battle between those who want or need the extra cash. People have been known to come in on their day off because they know the overtime gaps for the next few weeks are being released. If you’re on the wrong shift when overtime sheet gets published, you lose out, they’re all gone by the time you get in to work.

The only way to fill the gaps, if you’re not going to cover it with overtimers, is to change people’s shifts. Invariably this means changing from an early turn to a late turn. I don’t know of many people happy to spend even more days away from their family & social life when they could be home by 4.30 & have the evening free. So it looks like enforced changes are coming.

Deep joy.