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June 1st, 2010


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I don’t know if it has anything to do with the onset later this year of my half-century ‘not-out’ or whether I have been unwittingly traumatised at work with subsequent knock-on effects, but this afteroon, at work, I completely forgot the name of the control room inspector.

Now this is not some random, faceless police officer that I see down one of the many corridors on the vaults of the police station, it’s someone who I work with every day & have done for the last 2 years or more. He’s on the same shift, for goodness sake.

It wasn’t a momentary thing either. I couldn’t recall his name for several hours. It wasn’t the sort of thing I was comfortable admitting to the people I was working with. I mean, there are lots of people you work with only infrequently & I’m always asking colleagues who they are, but not someone off my own team.

I could have simply looked up his details on the computer which would have put me out of my misery, but the stubbornness in me wanted  to remember in my own time, with my own effort. I was sure it would come back, like the word on the tip of your tongue you can’t remember until the moment has passed.

It took about 4 hours.

I’m making a log of memory events now in the hope I’ll be able to sue someone, sometime,  for something.