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May 29th, 2010

Doh! by mobile

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As a bit of a self-confessed gadget freak, I would be one to say how fantastic some technology is, especially when it bites someone else in the arse.

I don’t suppose for a minute that 50-year-old Michael Fraser anticipated his own doh! moment as he was using his mobile phone to take indecent photos of kids.

In February last year Fraser left his Sony Ericsson on the No. 100 bus in Newcastle.

A passenger handed it to the bus driver who checked to see if he could ID the owner, he stumbled across the paedophile’s collection of photos & ├é┬áreported the matter to police.

The mobile was an unregistered pay-as-you-go but police discovered Fraser’s second doh! moment because he had used his Tesco Clubcard when topping up his mobile credit.

Police arrested Fraser & discovered he is also a gadget freak who  had 14 other mobile phones at his home. This has led to the discovery of up to another 70 suspected paedophiles, 4 of whom have already been convicted.

Wheelchair-bound Fraser admitted 14 child porn images with another 89 TIC’d. He was spared jail & given a three-year community order.

I have been known to leave my mobile phone unattended in my living room. If police were ever to interrogate it they would be horrified to discover grotesque self-portraits of random teenagers saved at different intervals as my wallpaper or screen-savers.