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May 27th, 2010

My turn, again

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I became a victim of crime again today.

When I went out to the car to go & get some petrol in preparation for another late turn, I found some bastard had broken into my car. The passenger window had been broken & the contents of my glove box were strewn around the footwell.

Still, it was some comfort to know that they didn’t actually nick anything. Presumably there isn’t much value on the black market for a second-hand pair of £5 plastic sunglasses & a February issue of  Mountain Biking magazine.

I’ve disturbed several people in the last few years in the street outside my house. I have a habit of staying up quite late so often hear noises in the street & always make the effort to look outside. Last year I chased someone who had broken into a neighbour’s car. I ran out while they were still leaning in the car, sadly my physical prowess isn’t as good as it once was & I only kept up with him for about 100 yards. A couple of years ago I disturbed 2 lads nicking hub caps off another neighbour’s car. They went up an alleyway but did drop the hub caps.

About 4 years ago I actually caught someone making a collection of car aerials from my street.

So on the basis of what goes around comes around, I eagerly anticipated the police operator saying that a neighbor had disturbed my thief & he was in custody even as they took the crime report.

Nope. Nothing, nada, bugger all. Another statistic & a few quid in the managing Director of Autoglass’s back pocket.