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May 24th, 2010

May I help you?

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So we have a new Home Secretary, just as when we have a new chief constable, the broom must come out & new policies must be created whilst old ones are ditched. The trouble is that it is never the correct ones which get binned nor the best ones that get introduced.

So what has the gorgeous Theresa got in store for us?

We’re being offered what she describes as a ‘radical new deal’. One in which police officers will be allowed to use more discretion & operational freedom from Whitehall bureaucracy. Mucyh like it was before, not so radical really Theresa, is it?

We’ll ‘bear our fair share of the burden’ of the economic crisis (cuts) n& there will be a full review on police pay & conditions (cuts) though we will be allowed to keep to the last review which gave us a three-year pay review.

Stop & Search forms will be scrapped. There will be a review of 24-hour drinking. ‘Key performance indicators’ will be dismantled & there will be a push for locally elected police commissioners.

May has said: “I know I’m a new home secretary. I know that many of you don’t know me. And I know that you want to know what sort of home secretary I will be. So let me says this: I’m not interested in running the police. If I’d wanted to run the police, I’d have done what you did and joined the police force. That is not the home secretary’s job. That’s not something many of my predecessors have understood. They just didn’t get it.”

So that’s great, the future is rosy.