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May 21st, 2010

Not as long as your arsehole points to the ground

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I’ve noticed a few people coming here from Frank Chalk’s blog. Frank is a highly repsected blogger who is a teacher & author of  “It’s your time you’re wasting“. So I thought I’d better return the favour & have now linked back to him.

Frank & I have something in common. I have retired & (sadly now deceased) close family members from the teaching profession. At one stage I thought about becoming a history teacher, however, much as I might persuade my children not to join the police service, my father did the same to me about teaching. Only I think he was a little more persuasive than I might be. I seem to recall him saying there’s now way he’s letting me join the teaching profession. And that was that. Probably for the same reasons as I’d not want my kids to become police officers & this was 35 years ago. I suspect little has changed.

Dad used to take me in to school when our school holidays didn’t match his schools holidays, what an adventure. I used to get to go on the school trips too. I was too young to appreciate the shite he had to put up with which sent him into the lure of early retirement.

When I was out & about on the streets, up until just a few short years ago, I used to spend a lot of time in schools. I used to really enjoy going in to schools & talking with the kids, showing them what I did & letting them play all over my patrol car. This was junior & infants schools. I wasn’t that interested in the senior schools, probably because half the pupils were customers. At least the majority of junior pupils hadn’t been corrupted, though you could tell the signs of those on the slippery slope. I attended many assemblies, plays & concerts & always spent a few moment pondering the innocence of childhood & wondering how many of the beautiful young kids in front of me would be pregnant, inside or dead before they achieved their potential.

I was a school governor for quite a few years, so one way or another I have been involved in schools for a long time.

One constant has been true in school throughout my experiences as a parent, school governor or police officer; I spent 30 years listening to people tell me “Oh, I couldn’t do your job.”

Teaching really was about the one job I used to come away thinking exactly the same.