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May 20th, 2010

Evil Scum

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A burglar who tortured &  murdered a pensioner before burning her body & house was jailed for life this week at Teeside Crown Court.

33-year-old drug addict, Steven Hodgson broke into the 84-year-old widow’s home & strangled her on he bed after forcing her to reveal her PIN number.

He packed 2 suitcases with her valuables which he got his partner to pawn.

Hodgson’s DNA was found under his victim’s fingernails indicating she had tried to fight him off.

The judge in the case said: “I can detect at no stage the slightest degree of remorse on your part at the death of this lovely woman. You are a very dangerous man.” Hodgson, a man with a long criminal history of burglary & violence,  admitted in court that he preferred breaking into people’s homes when they were in as this meant cash, bags & credit cards would be available.

He was given a minimum term of 34 years.