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May 14th, 2010

Its all a bit O/T

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Another day, another Daily Fail article slagging off the police.

This time its because the overtime bill has doubled in the last 10 years is now at 400 million of our English Pounds. This despite the fact that we also have an additional 15,000 police officers & 16,000 PCSOs. The Centre for Criminal Justice Studies at Kings College, London, noted that this did not bring about the ‘expected decline in overtime’.

The Fail uses its normal sensationalist bullshit by starting off the item: “Police are using dishonest methods to boost their pay.”

In the first 3 sentences it accuses the police of using ‘dishonesty’, ‘tricks’ & ‘Spanish practices’ to blag extra cash. Presumably the editor hasn’t done a diversity course recently having just slagged off the nation of Spain.

The examples it gives include where an officer is entitled to claim 4 hours overtime at time & a third for taking a phone call off duty &  making a decision. It doesn’t mention that the vast majority of calls to off duty staff are to senior officers of inspector level or  above who are not entitled to overtime payments since the government bought out their entitlement several years ago. I’d suggest the cost implications of this type of overtime would be negligable.

They also criticise the way police officers are entitled to double time or a day off in lieue for working a bank holiday, clearly they should be tipping their hat to the bosses for the opprtunity to leave the kids to open their presents on their own on Christmas Day, year after year, without suitable recompense while almost everyone else gets a free day off work.

The Fail is apoplectic with rage that officers can ‘dishonestly’ claim extra money when their rest day is cancelled with less than 5 days notice. Presumably they are not content with the fact that officers days off can be changed willy-nilly without compensation& a bit of notice & feel that police officers should just do whatever they are told, when they are told &  be grateful for the opportunity.

I have checked out the same story at the BBC News website, Guardian, Telegraph & Channel 4 websites who all report the details of the original report in a factual way, strangely none of them accuse the police of dishonesty, tricks or Spanish practices, except the Daily Mail, so no change there, then.