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May 13th, 2010

And this week the award goes to…

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fraudster4Next in line for a ‘Scum of the Week’ award is one 69-year-old Zandra Mackay, a ‘carer’ who, in partnership with 79-year-old Beryl Benbow who systematically ripped off the frail elderly woman they cared for.

They appeared this week at Cambridge Crown Court accused of milking the accounts of ex World War II Wren Catherine Devas who died in 2006. She had savings totally over half a million pounds which was reduced by the thieving scum plus other members of their families to virtually nothing. The woman had massive spending sprees on the old lady’s account which included £5,000 haircuts at top stylists. They used cheques & bank cards to steal cash from her bank accounts after the victim suffered a series of stroke in 1995 which left her partially paralysed & dependant on carers.

They also forged Mrs Devas’ will naming Benbow as executor & leaving everything to Mackay’s son. They also made plans to sell her flat to Mackay’s daughter in law for a third of its market value. In three years they took  almost half a million quid. All this while pretending to care for her.

Can there truly be anyone so evil & deserving of the title ‘scum’?