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May 10th, 2010

So a couple of weeks off, then

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Is anyone else celebrating the news this week?

Yep, the football season is over. This might mean I get to go to work or come home without listening to bloody football on Five Live or TalkSport.

Except this year we can’t look forward to a few months away from the bloody game. It all starts again in June with the bloody World Cup. And we know what that means; drunken louts smashing up the town centre whether Eng-er-land win, lose, draw or just don’t bother to turn up.

Since the government has taken 5 squillion off the policing budget this year, there won’t be overtime for those who want it, to work the evenings when England is playing so they can coordinate the riot squads we put out every World or Euro Cup, so muggins like me will have their bloody shift times changed to cover the ‘football disorder’ radio channels.

Wish me luck.