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May 7th, 2010


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The great British motoring public.

Whenever you get an accident on a motorway or dual carriageway, sure as eggs are eggs you’ll get one on the opposite carriageway because the rubber neckesr find they can’t gawp & drive properly at the same time & they crash into the vehicle ahead.

The government hate it when a motorway is closed. Apparently it costs the country a squillion pounds a minute when one carriageway of a major motorway is closed, double that if both carriageways are closed.

I’ve been in the control room when some government lackey has got on the phone to the chief demanding that we open the carriageway ASAP. Mostly they do this because it is not their son or daughter’s death that we are trying to get to the bottom of but rather Tesco’s Arctic Rolls are defrosting in the back of a stationary 44-tonner.

It takes an anwful lot of resources to close a motorway. Often someone has died as a result of what in other circumstances would be murder or manslaughter, where a scene would be protected for days with a whole team of investigators eeking out every minute detail of potential evidence. At a fatal RTC you have a few traffic officers, an accident investigator & instructions to get the work done & get the road the hell open.

And you have to put on extra staff to take all th calls from everyone stuck in the queue whose flights leave in 30 minutes are are late for a hospital appointment.