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May 5th, 2010

Tea & Medals in the Control Room

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So we’re officially doing a great job, so says the superintendent who runs the control room. The reason we are doing such a good job is not that we are getting officers to go to people’s anti-social behaviour the same week it happens, nor that we are making sure there is a police presence at a burglary the same day it was reported, or anything else that remotely matches the practical expectations the public have of the police.

No, the reason we are doing such a good job is that we answer most 999 calls within the target 10 seconds & we answer most of the other non-emergency calls within 30 seconds., in fact we answer more within targets than can reasonablt be expected of us; we exceed our targets.  And furthermore, almost everyone is satisfied with the speed we answered the phones & how polite we are.

So that’s nice, policing is easy once the Exel spreadsheet bars go over the line.