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May 4th, 2010

Another 200 Weeks Award

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No, not an award for this blog, long overdue though one is, it’s an award from this site…

Cumbria Police have suspended an officer from driving after they hit someone who was lying in the road in the town of Barrow at the weekend. This is not surprising & will be within the force’s policy regarding police officers having RTCs on duty. The matter has been referred to the IPCC.

A 21-year-old suffered leg injuries during the incident. I have no idea about the whys & wherefores nor any insight into who was to blame (it’ll be the police whatever the circumstances), that’s not the point of this blog entry.

The new award shall be entitled the “No Shit Sherlock Award” & the first recipient is Sgt Jo Fawcett of Cumbria Police’s Traffic Department, or, hwo they prefer to be known these days, the Roads Policing Unit.

She said: “Our investigation is focusing on how the person came to be lying in the road in the first place, and the circumstances that led to the police vehicle colliding with him.”

Well, no shit Sherlock.

Next they’ll have us looking into crimes & focusing on  who did it!