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April 23rd, 2010

Oh to be in the countryside again

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Being a bit of a fan of our wildlife, I enjoy watching it on CCTV in the middle of the night when the operators have nothing better to watch.

Usually it’s foxes which are picked up foraging in the town car parks throughout the force area.

A few days ago I had a few minutes of wonderment watching a fox with her cub. It was intersting to watch the different behaviours; the mother clearly had a job to do, wary & attentive, eyes everywhere as she foraged across the car park. The cub playful, more interested in jumping on its mother’s back then running off a short distance as if taunting its mother to chase it.

Working all hours you do get to experience things others never get to see.

I often pulled over on the middle of the night to watch a barn owl hunting alongside a main road, perching on fence posts then flying off over the fields on search of prey, sometimes you were rewarded with seeing it return to a post with a kill.

I worked on a rural area for a while. We had lots of deer. The problem sometimes was avoiding them as you charged around the area from one town to the next on blues & twos. I never hit one but there were a few near misses &  I dealt with loads of RTCs involving deer. It’s amazing what damage such slight creatures can do to a car.

Probably the most unusual site I saw was an albino badger. It was just wandering up the road on the middle of the night. Technically they’re not white but a very light sand colour & I bet few people have seen one outside a captive collection.

My interest in wildlife took me to being a wildlife liaison officer for a while.

Not that we ever followed up on much wildlife crime, we were usually just points of contact for officers struggling with wildlife law, & gamekeepers.

The best cases I was involved in were usually animal cruelty, though I did take particular pleasure in prosecuting one of the local hunts for blocking up badger setts.

But don’t get me started on foxhunting.