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April 18th, 2010

Let the train take the strain

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I don’t use public transport much. I can’t remember the last time I went on a  bus.

This week, I used a train for the first time in yonks. It was quite busy. I recall the last time I used a train I spent a small fortune to go from the North of England to Edinburgh, I believe it was on one of Ricard Branson’s fine trains. I spent the entire journey standing because it was so packed, actually I sat on the floor after about an hour because I was so uncomfortable. The rest of the journey was spent wondering why they had the temerity to charge me a full ticket price when they couldn’t provide me with a seat.

Anyway, the train I went on this week, was bust but not quite as full as the Virgin train. I has a large rucksack. As I got onto the train I noticed that the only spare seats were those next to someone. As I had a rucksack I decided to stand by the door & keep my rucksack on rather than manouver it around the carriage.

At the next stop some black guy got on the train. He was in his 30s. He looked into the sitting area & said ‘Bugger’. Clearly he didn’t want to sit next to anyone in any of the 8 or so free seats. So he turned the other way which happened to be the first class compartment, pressed the door button & went inside. He was on his own in a compartment, took a seat & proceeded to roll a fag. He opened a window & proceeded to smoke his fag.

I wasn’t surprised that someone has no social responsibility & believes they can do whatever the fuck they want to; the country is full of people like that. I was left wondering what his reaction would be if someone infringed on what he thought was important.