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April 9th, 2010

All in a day’s…

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This job isn’t all about batoning innocent members of the public.

Two female officers were hailed as heroes last week for tackling and armed gang who were holding a family hostage in Bournemouth.

A silent 999 call was made from the house of a couple with a 2-year-old child after an eastern European gang entred their home in a vicious attempt to burgle them.

The unarmed officers entered the address & saw the householder tied up on the floor while members of the gang stood over him pointing a gun at him. WPC Katie Harvey told Bournemouth Crown Court last week how she shouted ‘Drop the gun,‘ & took hold of the attacker’s arm to make sure he couldn’t raise the gun at the victim. She held on to another attacker as he tried to flea the house. WPC Kelli Walker also helped arrest the two violent thugs.

The officers had no idea that the weapons turned out to be replicas when they decided to approach the offenders.

Edgaras Plosenk, 26, Aleksey Iskritsky, 26 & Robertus Beniulis, 34 were jailed 11, 9 & 9 years respectively.

The officers have been recognised for the Chief Constable’s bravery award.