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April 4th, 2010

Ten Officers hurt while hundreds watch

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Ten police officers were injured  this week when trouble flared at the opening of a clothing sale in London. An ‘unexpected’ 2,000 turned up for the sale after the company ‘American Apparel’ announced the sale on Facebook. Scuffles broke out & police arrested 3 people during which ten officers were hurt.

Typically, everyone stood around filming it all for YouTube. I wonder whether people would behave like an arse if every one of those who picked up & held a camera in the air, instead, put some verbal pressure on the arses to grow up, or stepped in & made it clear that fucking the day up for everyone else isn’t acceptable.

Check out the vids & see what  a monster the likes of Facebook & YouTube have created, there are at least 10 different videos of just a couple of minutes footage by the queues in a small section of Brick Lane.