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April 1st, 2010

Gi’s a job

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The only thing I like more than the news that a premiership footballer has ballsed something up is when a senior police officer does the same. Long-time readers will know that amount of senior police officers I have any time for can be counted on the fingers of a half eaten Kit Kat.

So it was with a warm glow that I read in the paper this week about the travaills of Graham Maxwell, chiec constable of North Yorkshire Police & his deputy chief, Adam Briggs, who are both being investigated over claims they helped their relatives jump the queue of 200,000 applicants to their force.

It’s being alleged that they arranged for two close relatives to bypass the first stage of recruitment by jumping a phone interview to go straight to the paper application. If this is true it’s staggering to think that the highest achievers in British policing can be so arrogant as to think they deserve the right to help others buck the system.