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March 31st, 2010

Good News all round

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Two top police news stories today.

In the first, the Met have finally sacked that disgraceful blight on modern policing Ali Dizaei. Good news, anyone know what happens to his pension?

In the second, again Met related, Sgt Delroy Smellie has been aquitted of assaulting Nichola Fisher at the G20 demo. The judge said she found no evidence that the Sgt’s use of his baton was not measured & correct. Which was about the only conclusion she could come to as the complainant had no intention of attending court & giving evidence.

Of course, everyone is up in arms about the decision – well anyone who reads the Guardian, judging by Dave Hill’s London Blog, most of whom appear to have little understanding of the concept of evidence. Nichola Fisher didn’t lose out,  I commented almost a year ago that her main motivation would be the money. I read she got £26grand for her story. Only she knows the real reason she didn’t want to give evidence, theories abound in the blogs & comment sections of the press.

I’m glad the Sgt was not convicted, on so many levels.