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March 25th, 2010

For goodness’ sake

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Sometimes you just have to put your head in your hands and wonder why…

A woman from Melksham, Wiltshire has been reprimanded by a local school & council for ‘trespassing’ on school property after she got a child down from a tree after staff left him up the tree for almost an hour. Kim Barrett was told in the letters that she had entered school grounds without permission after she became concerned for the child’s welfare, coaxed him down & took him back into school.

Wiltshire Council, who clearly have a policy for everything, said that when a child ventured into a tree ons chool grounds it was their policy not to approach them in case they became distracted & fell.

A spokesman said: “If he or any other child was in any danger, or was unable to get down from the tree, he would have been assisted either by a teacher or the fire brigade, depending on the circumstances. The only danger as far as the school was concerned was that a stranger came onto the premises and talked to the child, who was being observed.”

Hmmm, I’d have thought that the intentions of the stranger who came into the school would have become pretty clear when she brought the child back into the office. Staff said that the child was “under observations” all the time. Doubtless the risk of the child getting tired after an hour & falling out of the tree was not as great as a member of staff actually dealing with the incident rather than sit back & do nothing.