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March 24th, 2010

More Tea & Medals

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People who work in offices  at police headquarters up & down the land love awards. There are awards for all sorts of things which the police can win, most of them are nothing to do with preventing & solving crime or preventing anti-social behaviour.

Northumbria Police have won a PR Award issued by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. The award, which Northumbria nominated themselves for, was for the way they handled the case in which one of their officers knocked down & killed 16-year-old Hayley Adamson, while the officer was following what he thought was a stolen vehicle. The police car didn’t have its blues & twos on & the officer was later gaoled.

Judges for the award said they were impressed by the ‘professional & caring way’ in which Northumbria dealt with a ‘sensitive issue’. Northumbria’s objectives in dealing with the aftermath included; “To minimise the risks to Northumbria’s reputation, to minimise any inappropriate, speculative, or inaccurate reporting, & to demonstrate Northumbria’s empathy with the victim’s family and community.”

They may have done a good job in a very sensitive situation, but I can’t help thinking it was totally inappropriate to self-nominate for an award which was basic damage limitation.