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March 21st, 2010

One Year On

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It dawned on me recently that I’ve reached another milestone in my career; one year as a civvy – or should that be support staff?

So that’s also one year of retirement from the police.

One year on how have things changed?

Well, I don’t try to enter my old police warrant number onto the force computer systems anywhere as much as I used to. I still do it from time to time but I’m now more or less used to my new identity.

I frequent the occasional police forums &  can’t get out of the habit of saying ‘we’ when referring to police officers.

The job hasn’t changed; I’m basically doing exactly what I did when I was a police officer. There’s no real difference now that I’m a civvy except that I don’t have to do personal protection training’ or baton-twirling as its sometimes known.

Despite what you might glean from reading this blog, I still actually enjoy the work I do. I think I make a genuine difference, its just all the shite – largely unnecessary – that pisses me off.

My standard of living has gone up massively. It’s almost like going from a single-wage family to a dual-wage family like we were before the kids came along. It’s happily coincided with my youngest going to senior school & my wife being able to earn a little money a few mornings a week also, though the recent letter from the tax man saying I was being taxed at 40% on my pension wasn’t quite so welcome.

All in all, one year after retirement, life is good at Weeks Towers.