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March 16th, 2010

Talking of numpties

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Being in the police should mean that nothing surprises you yet I never cease to be amazed at the intelligence of some motorists.

They leave their engines running while the car defrosts or as they nip in the local newsagents for a paper & wonder why their car gets nicked. They leave laptops & handbags on the seat in their unattended cars & are surprised when the window gets smashed & their goodies disappear. They buy watches & laptops at motorway service stations off complete strangers & are shocked to discover the items are fake or non-existent.

Every winter you see drivers easing their way down the roads with a few square inches of ice or snow rubbed off their windscreens, peering through the tiny hole which affords them their view of the road, too lazy to clear their windscreen properly.

Dorset Police have been running a road safety campaign recently in which they have targeted motorists for bad & dangerous driving. They have picked up nearly 2,500 offences including dangerous driving, using a mobile phone at the wheel & no seatbelt. Their best example is a 53-year-old female driver who was making her way along the road with the bonnet fully up. She was peering through the gap under the bonnet at the bottom of her windscreen & explained to officers that the bonnet catch was broken & she was driving to a garage to get it repaired.


Some people…