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March 11th, 2010

Non-targeted target culture

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So the Inspector of Constabulary has come out with this year’s police league tables. Chief officers up & down the country will be either slapping each other on the back & toasting the performance-related bonuses or looking for who to blame for their force’s poor performance (hint, it won’t be the chief officers who are at fault).

The forces regarded as performing well will have met the target set by the government. Unfortunately, those targets don’t appears to  be aimed at actually doing what the public want, i.e. sorting out the anti-social chavs & getting to their burglary in the same century. But at least we’ll have knocked on thousands of criminals doors to arrest them (who are out) & will have crimed loads of teenagers calling each other slags on Facebook.

As a victim of ant-social behaviour myself, I  have experience of the way the local police deal with it, as a controller in a police control room not sending officers to such reports, I have my own part to play, but in my defence, it’s not because I don’t think anti-social behaviour is important, it’s because the only officers tasked by the chief to be able to actually attend such reports can’t because they are too busy making sure the force meets its targets.

It will be interesting to see whether all the furore today about police not dealing with anti-social behaviour results in some new policies to attend these all such reports say, within 30 mins, & what other assignments they decide we need not deal with any more.