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March 10th, 2010

No shortage of the brainless

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Talking, as I was yesterday, of people using the latest technology for their own anti-social or illegal purposes, news today of two people arrested for one of the latest crazes for people without a brain.

Laser pens are generally sold for people to use in displays, they are the modern equivalent of the old school stick (what are they called)? used by teachers to point out items on the blackboard. Now you can shine a laser at the board to point out items of interest or importance. They are pretty powerful beams of light & don’t just stop at the classroom wall. Astronomers use them to point out items of interest in the sky. You can buy one off eBay for a few quid.

Idiots have discovered a new sport, shining them in the eyes of other people. It is, apparently, even more fun if you shine it in the eyes of someone who is in charge of a mode of transport, preferably with lots of people on board to cause maximum danger. So we get people in their bedrooms shining them in the eyes of motorists as they drive down the street, people targeting train drivers & even  aeroplanes.

Police helicopters are targeted. The pilots risk becoming distracted at best & temporarily blinded at worst.

Two people were arrested this week for shining a laser at the Bedfordshire Police helicopter as it flew over Luton. They have been released on bail.