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March 5th, 2010

One of them days

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When you blog every single day for more than two years it can sometimes be a real problem coming up with material. Occasionally, in a period of creativity, I might write up a couple of entries & save one for another time, but 95% of the time I write the entry on the day it gets posted, often at around quarter to midnight. I have used the same procedure for my Christmas shopping for many years; I leave it until Christmas Eve because if I do it earlier, I know I don’t have to actually buy anything as there’s always another day, if I leave it until the day before Christmas I know I have to get a present.

Today I’m making this entry at 9.30pm, I know I really have another two & a half hours to come up with something. I’ve spent 15 minutes checking out the news headlines for the day, this is where I get a fair proportion of my inspiration, & nothing has struck me as particularly worthy of comment. I’ve looked so far down the entries at Google that I’m back to yesterday’s story.

I’ve dipped back into the memory banks for a story to tell but my mind’s a blank.

I can’t even recount much from work, believe it or not, despite stories to the contrary recently, we had a really quiet day, boy did it drag, which is probably just as well as we were so short staffed out on division we had to get a couple of officers from a neighbouring division to come over for the shift. They only ended up going to 2 jobs & one of those was in yet another division because they were so short they asked us to attend one of their immediate assignments.

The day really dragged.

I got into my chair around 15 minutes before the shift started & didn’t get up for my first wee until 4 hours later, not because I couldn’t, because I was so lethargic through inaction.

It was one of those days you look forward to for a break, but when it happens you just spend the day moaning how quiet it is because it drags so much, you can’t win. Of course, you can’t say the ‘Q’ word lest you have to buy everyone donuts. Any mention of the ‘Q’ word is a sure-fire forerunner to  a fully laden Jumbo jet crashing into a petro-chemical plant next to the biggest school in the area.

Let’s hope tomorrow is a little busier.