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March 3rd, 2010

It’s not just in the UK

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It seems it’s not just in the UK that police chiefs don’t want their officers having freedom of speech in their private lives.

I have posted several times about my views on the legalisation of drugs & support the aims – and link to – LEAP; Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

Canadian cop, David Bratzer, is instrumental in that organisation. He speaks on the subject in Canada & has testfied as a Senate Committee in Ottawa.

He has been gagged this week by the Victoria Police chief who has stopped him speaking at a harm reduction meeting in Victoria. They say the public would be ‘confused’ by his private views & would not be able to tell the difference between his personal views & those of the police department.

The British Columbia Civil Rights Association has filed a complaint against the department accusing them of gagging free speech. What a pity no such organisation has come out in support of UK cops’ free speech & freedom  to belong to any legal political party, for instance.

There is a petition supporting cops’ freedom of speech at the LEAP website.