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February 24th, 2010


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I suspect there won’t be many people in the circles that inhabit the pages of this blog who will be particularly upset about one of the headlines in today’s news.

There can’t be much worse, as an inmate of her majesty’s finest, than being a former police or prison officer amongst all the other lags. But then most people in this situation are masters of their own destiny & probably deserve little sympathy.

So I don’t have much for former Met Commander Ali Dizaei who was was assaulted this week in a attack at Edmunds Hill Prison by an inmate who poured a bucket of excrement over his head & then punched him unconscious.

Violence is rarely right, certainly, unprovoked violence but I can’t help having a grudging admiration for the phrase, ‘what goes around comes around’.

I see the Met still hasn’t sacked him from the police force, I wonder what the delay is.