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February 23rd, 2010

Remember your three S’s!

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I remember back in the day being taken for self-defence training by Sgt Manning. He had a wonderful turn of phrase.

Two or three times a year we had to attend a day’s self-defence training. This variously involved baton, kwikcuff, CS spray &  unarmed defensive tactics. Some basic fitness was sometimes thrown into the mix.

Sgt Manning would stand in front of the assembled group&  spout forth a mini lecture of the day on various related topics. His voice was strong & direct. I heard he was a regimental sergeant major in a previous life, I dont knowhow  true it was but he certainly had that type of air about him.

On this particular occasion he was waxing lyrical on the benefits of a good warm up.

I can’t stress highly enough the benefits of a good warm-up. To that end I rely on my three S’s. I suggest you do the same. In this job you may need to go from a’ hands off cocks’ to an ‘on socks’ state of readiness at a moment’s notice & this is where your three S’s will stand you in good stead.”

He paused for effect before continuing. “Your three S’s will look after you whether you’re chasing a great train robber, arresting a teenage tearaway or battling an escaped tiger. Whatever you do, always have your three S’s in the back of your mind, especially important in today’s training.”

He walks up to a pile of flexible plastic practice batons that we can attack each other with without breaking bones, picks up one & strikes his open palm, planting both feet a yard apart as if to reinforce his next remarks.

Your three S’s, remember them &  remember them well.., Speed… Skill… and Flexibility.”