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February 17th, 2010

So sad

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We’ve all heard the awful story of the two kiddies, one of whom died after their vehicle plunged into a river in Worcestershire last week. Their father has been charged with attempted murder.

What we haven’t heard so much about is the actions of two West Mercia police officers who went into the river to save the life of 6-year-old Ryan Grady.

Police chiefs have described the conditions as ‘atrocious’; the car was 12 feet from the bank & submerged in 12 feet of muddy water where visibility was zero. One officer swam into the river to rescue the boy while the other waded in & helped pull the officer & child back to the bank. The officers were unable to reach the boy’s sister, who was eventually pulled from the submerged car some two hours later by a police diving unit from a nearby force.

The officers are said to be traumatised by their inability to save Gabby Grady.

I can’t imagine the mixed feelings of being able to save on child & not the other.