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February 11th, 2010

Shocking Decision

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Blimey, the people who run the IPCC must be turning in their graves, if they were dead. Another lengthy iunvestigation into police brutality comes up in support of the police, wonders will never cease.

Back in June 2009, I posted about a case which reached trial by YouTube when a taxi driver filmed officers in Nottingham arresting a violent, drunken thug & tasering several times. Naturally, on a blog dedicated to policing in the UK, the officers involved received more understanding from visitors to 200Weeks than from the wider community. The wider response – see the comments by ‘Sam’ on the original blog entry – was uproar about police brutality & abuse of power.

The IPCC doesn’t appear to agree. They have announced, after a full investigation,  that: “The overall evidence suggests that it was necessary for the officer to activate his Taser several times due to the continued and escalating resistance being demonstrated.

Officers have a right to protect themselves and deal robustly with unruly behaviour while policing a busy city centre at night.”

It concluded that the officers’ actions were lawful and proportionate and there was no evidence of any criminal offence being committed.

Yet again, it’s a shame it took 8 months to investigate. It doesn’t take this long elsewhere.