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February 10th, 2010

Worthy Causes

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I’ve long been a critic of the current UK compensation culture which sees it as acceptable to get a squillion pounds for being called a rude name in an office in London but only 50 pence for getting your leg blown off in a battlefield in Afghanistan.

So it was good to hear that the government want more votes, er, are redressing a tiny part of the balance, by awarding our injured troops with a bit more cash.

Extra compensation awards for injured soldiers would be backdated to all those injured since 2005 & could mean a payout of some £30million in backdated compo, or about 60 people’s worth of having your tits groped by the photocopier.

The Defence Secretary announced that it was merely instituting a system to offer “fair & just” compensation. Strange that until now it had to be taken to court or subjected to intense media criticism before upping previous offers of compensation to make them a little more ‘fair & just’.

Nothing to do with an up-coming election & the need for as many votes as it can get, I’m sure.