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February 9th, 2010

That Dizaei Fallout in Full

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I guess over the next days & weeks we will hear more of the Ali Dizaei problem, I managed to catch a few snippets on the TV & radio today. It was interesting to hear some members of the Black Police Association falling over each other to sit on the fence. I’ve not heard any current reps of the organisation calling for him to be ejected from the association, though I would hope there are rules in place to protect the ethics of the organisation by not allowing convicted criminals within the ranks of its members.

There are many people within & without the ‘extended police family’ – a phrase so often used by senior management these days – who are now saying what goes around comes around & the man has got his just deserts, despite the Met’s PSD being unable to nail him over so many allegations & even with the full might of their extensive investigations which previously led to just about nought, save for some handy free dosh Dizaei’s in the form of compensation & another step-up the promotional ladder by those who feared yet another accusation of racisim against the odious little man.

Whilst, thankfully, there can be few who agree with much the BNP has to say, I suspect there will be many who agree with at least some of their comment on the matters in hand. They have called for an investigation into the role of the Black Police Association – of which Dizaei was it’s chairman until a year ago. So says their website: “Such an inquiry must focus on whether that group is able to influence the police service through the threat of calling any critic a racist. It seems to observers that the police service were so frightened of attack by the NBPA that they effectively gave Iranian-born Mr Dizaei a license to do as he wished.” I can’t say that question is not a valid one & deserving of some comment.

Critics of the Met’s behaviour towards Dizaei have accused them of a witch hunt. However, what is wrong with a witch hunt if you catch a witch, surely none bigger than a man who sees it as acceptable to stitch up a member of the public in an attempt to convict him of a made up crime?

Former Met Commissioner, Andy hayman, has some interesting comment over at the Telegraph. Personal knowledge & experience of Dizaei informs his article & is worth a read, not least to find out some of the other stuff Dizaei got away with during his last 10 years with the Met.

The reputation of the Black Police Association could rest on such a case. They’ve gone on record as saying they were ‘surprised’ at the result of the case. Presumably the same kind of  surprise I myself experienced when I found out that bears really did shit in the woods.  They’ve said it would be inapropriate to comment because of the ‘possibility of appeal’, like that ever stopped them commenting on some of their members winning tribunals for racist behaviour against them.

Come on BPA, you’ve protected the man long enough, do the decent thing.

[Update 10th Feb: I got a link here from the BBC News website]