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February 1st, 2010

Ethnic-centred crime does exist

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This won’t go down well with the likes of Elizabeth who will probably claim it as outrageous racist, if she’s still reading this blog.

One gang of travellers recently arrested by police were found to be responsible for half the caravan thefts in Britain.

Four members of the gang face jail terms having been convicted last week of conspiracy to steal.

The gang stole caravans & motorhomes from all over the country. Some were stolen off drives, others were taken from motorway service stations when families pulled in for a break on their way to or from holidays. Some were the owners’ only homes, leaving them without a place to live.

Nineteen police forces from Yorkshire to Somerset were involved in trying to catch the gang. They were finally caught when 120 officers raided a travellers site in Wiltshire. Stolen property worth £1 million was found including vehicles worth £700,000, £100,000 of jewellery £70,000 in cash.