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January 29th, 2010

Just desserts

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Joey Barton, Michael Thomas, Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, Steven Gerrard, Jermain Defoe (twice), Ledley King & Marlon King. What have they all got in common?

They’re all professional footballers who have been charged with criminal or traffic offenses & been mentioned on this blog. I also mentioned Ashley Cole 3 weeks ago when he was convicted of  doing 104mph in a 50 limit. His case was adjourned so he could appear in person & today he didn’t (appear, that is)  but was banned for 4 months anyway.

His solicitor Katherine Hodson, said: “There was no suggestion given by police that there was any cause for concern about Mr Cole’s driving, except for his speed.” Like doing 104 in a 50 isn’t sufficient concern on its own. He also received a £1,000 fine.