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January 16th, 2010

Of the fairer sex

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There are some things you just dont want to see on CCTV.

Sharon is an alcoholic. She’s in her early 30s has been like it for nigh on 10 years.

She has had so many ASBOs keeping her out of licensed premises that even the magistrates have given up in the knowledge there is absolutely no point, the trouble is they’ve run out of alternatives.

The CCTV staff know her so well they can identify her by her walk, or more precisely, her non-walk since she spends so much time being incapable of walking.

It’s usually safe to assume that if a call comes in reporting a female lying on the ground within a mile of the town centre, it will be Sharon until proven otherwise.

She loses her keys on a regular basis. Her answer is to ring the police where she will make up a story in the hope that the police will attend & get her in the house. This often involves alleging that her partner or some other random friend is in her house threatening suicide. She does this knowing we will have to check inside just in case the sky has fallen in & Sharon has told the truth. Nobody has ever been found in her house.

She also makes up stories when she’s in the town. Usually it involves being assaulted or sexually molested. This is done in the hope that officers will take her home since she spends her bus or taxi fares on booze.

So when CCTV patch through footage of a female rolling around the ground in the High Street, I know instantly its Sharon. She is helped to her feet by a couple of drunks who are not quite as legless as she is. I comment to my colleague that she will be back on the floor with a minute or two, and she is.

This time an ambulance is called, whether it’s Sharon or one of her cronies, I have no idea. The Ambo have it as ‘female assaulted’. We know this isn’t true since we saw her fall over in her stupour. I send an officer, both him the ambo decline to take Sharon home, which is the reason the ambo was called in the first place, so she is left sitting at the bus stop, the emergency services leave.

Sharons piece de resistance is to unbutton her jeans & attempt to pull them down from the rear. She fails at this, the next thing I notice is the stream of urine hitting the street as she pisses through her jeans between the slats of the bus stop onto the ground below. She walks off the dark patch in her jeans now reaching her knees.

My attention is drawn away by a fight in a nearby town when I check CCTV again  a bouncer is chucking Sharon out of a bar.